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FastQC is a Java based quality control tool for high throughput sequence data. FastQC v0.11.2 is installed on all the HPC nodes.


FastQC can be loaded as a module:

[asrini@node061 ~]$ module show FastQC-0.11.2

module-whatis	 FastQC is Java software with graphic interface. It is a very convenient tool to overview sequence quality.
prepend-path	 PATH /opt/software/FastQC/0.11.2

[asrini@node061 ~]$ module load FastQC-0.11.2

[asrini@node061 ~]$ which fastqc

[asrini@node061 ~]$ fastqc --version
FastQC v0.11.2

Note: To launch this application's graphical interface, an X11 based interactive session must first be initiated. See information on how to launch an X11 based interactive session here.

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